Epson Printer waste ink pad message Printer reset utility

Waste ink pads need replaced click on the following link to get a utility to reset Epson printer

If you want to save allot of time learning how an Epson printer work's the following link points to must read information.

I Stumbled across Eddie's page when I was researching Epson reset information. Their is allot of information pertaining to Epson printers. He has done allot of experimenting with the ink cartridge reset system. He built a continuous ink flow system and a chip resetter that connects to the parallel port on the printer.

When I called Epson to get the information to reset the waste ink pad counter they told me that the process was to complicated for anybody but an Epson service center to accomplish. This pissed me off so before I started doing my own experimenting I started searching for information from others who ran into the same roadblock.

Thanks to everybody who posted information on the internet that help eliminate the Epson barriers.

In the future I will post photo's and information concerning the things that I have learned about Epson printers.


Fix your own printer Forum.

Their are allot of knowledgeable people that use this forum.

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