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1992 GulfStream SunVoyager Motor Home.

66,172 Miles, not even enough to break in a Cummins.

6 Cylinder Cummins Engine.

Allison Automatic Transmission.

The engine and transmission work fine.

Spartan Chasis, 5.5 Genrac propane generator.





The reason that I'm selling it for a few thousand dollars under market value is because their are a few problems.

1. When I moved from my farm to the big city of Marion Oaks I left it at the farm and subsequently I didn't check it as regularly as usual and the rubber roof cracked and started leaking. I did get the leaked stopped with some acrylic stuff that I got from Lowes. But before I got the leak stopped their was a small amount of damage the cupboards and molding.

2. The refrigerator doesn't get very cold.

3. The furnace doesn't work properly.



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Gulfstream Motorhome 1992

Gulfstream Left Side View

Gulfstream Sunvoyager Motorhome


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